10 Reasons Why You Should Use Nuxt.js as Your Frontend Technology in 2023

Author: Sadman Sakib,

Sadman Sakib is a dedicated and passionate tech professional who currently works at a tech-related company. He is a talented and dedicated tech professional who is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.

Published: Jan. 25, 2023

Modified: May 11, 2023

Nuxt JS

Nuxt.js is a free and easy-to-learn Javascript framework. It makes the development of universal or single-page vue apps simple. Nuxt.js summarize the details of server and client code distribution so that application development can be the center of attraction.

Many people use it as the main project base because it is flexible enough. 10 reasons why you should use Nuxt.js as your frontend technology in 2022 are listed below-

Nuxt JS


No hassle while creating universal apps


Making it easier to create universal apps is one of the largest selling points of Nuxt.js. Let's have a look at what a universal app is.


Universal App

Javascript code is described using a universal app. Both client and server sides can be executed using this code. Developing single-page applications is the aim of many javascript frameworks such as Vue. The benefits of having a SPA are more than having a traditional website. Building snappy UIs that update fast is one of the advantages.


Though having lots of advantages, SPA has many disadvantages too. Such as loading time is longer, Due to having no content at the start of the page google struggles to crawl. With javascript, all the content is generated.


A universal app is similar to having an SPA but with server side rendering (SSR), the applications on a web server are preloaded and rendered HTML are sent for every route as the response to a browser request. As a result loading time improves.  SEO is also improved. So google can crawl easily to the page.


Universal apps can be written very easily with the help of nuxt.js framework. Due to a lot of outlines on both the server and client side it gets very tiresome to build a universal app.


The aim of nuxt.js is to solve this problem for vue applications. Sharing codes between client and server gets a lot easier with nuxt.js. So the center of attraction can be application logic.


With nuxt.js you can easily decide whether you are rendering something on the client side or the server side. Because nuxt.js gives you access to properties such as ‘isServer’ or ‘isClient’ on your components. Special components such as ‘no-ssr’ are also used to intentionally restrain the component translating on the server side.


Fetching data and translating into the server side can be done by using asyncData method. Nuxt.js gives access to it. Nuxt.js offers many more benefits in terms of universal applications.


Without a server getting all the benefits of universal app and inanimately render vue applications


‘Nuxt generate’ command is one of the greatest innovations of nuxt. A complete rigid version is generated of your website with this command. This command can be used to generate HTML in every route and place it into its own personal files.


The benefits of nuxt.js are very similar to the universal app. Loading pages are fast. Search engines and social media crawlers can crawl through the website very easily. The best part is you don't require a server anymore. On the development stage everything is generated.

Without a server, getting all the benefits of rendering a universal app is a very powerful thing.


Automatic Code Rending


With a particular webpack configuration nuxt.js is capable of building a rigid version of your website. Statically generated, each page has its personal javascript files with code that is needed to operate the page. Compared to the entire application size, javascript files are very small. As a result the speed level up.


Setting up through the command line along with the starter template


‘Starter template’ is a template of nuxt. In order to get started with a project along with a great folder construction for organization some scaffolding are needed. This template provides all the scaffolding that one might require.


Ensure that you have installed ‘vue-cli’ and operate the below command-

‘$ vue init nuxt-community/starter-template <project-name>’

From this command ‘cd’ within the application and run ‘npm install’ and you will be good to go.


Install Transitions Among Routes Easily


Managing Javascript animations, CSS animations, CSS transitions on the components gets easier with the vue wrapper element ‘<transition>’. Creating transitions between pages is very easy with nuxt.js. Nuxt.js fixes routes in a way that every page gets wrapped in a ‘<transition>’ element thus making the transition easier.


Good Project Structure By Default


In many small size vue applications You result in managing the structure of the code as well as you can in many files. With nuxt.js you can get a greatly organized application at the starting point. Nuxt.js by default provides a great structure for applications.


Here are some of the structure it will set you up with-


‘Components’- to store reusable vue elements.
‘Pages’- to keep your app routes this folder can be used. Nuxt.js creates the application router by reading all the vue files inside this directory. 
‘Layouts’- layouts of main applications can be stored here which renders on every page .
‘Store’-  Apps vuex store files can be contained here for state management.


Writing Single File Components is Easy


In multiple small vue projects elements are defined using ‘vue.component’ that is followed by ‘new Vue({ el: ‘#container’ })’ in order to target a container component in the body of every page. For small projects this works well. To improve only particular views javascript is used in these small projects.


When it comes to bigger projects it gets quite hard to handle it. Single file components with ‘.vue’ extensions all of these problems can be solved. To make them use a build system needs to be set up with tools such as Webpack and Babel.


With nuxt.js you don't need to build this complicated build process by yourself. Nuxt.js comes with Webpack so that you can start using ‘vue’ files without any difficulty.


Without Any Extra Work Get ES6/ES7 Compilation


Nuxt.js not only comes with Webpack but it is also pre-configured out of the box with Babel. Latest Javascript versions such as ES6 and ES7 can be compiled into javascript with Babel. Then you can run them on older browsers.


Nuxt.js sets up Babel for you. All .’vue’  files also include ES6 javascript code that you will write in the ‘<script>’ tags compiled into javascript by Babel and you can use them on all browsers.


So you don't need to waste any extra time on compiling because with nuxt.js built in Babel all of this hard work will be handled.


Set Up With an Auto Updating Server For Easy Development


For web developers setting up a process or change-refresh-change-refresh process is a hassle. Whereas Nuxt.js sets you up with an auto updating development server. So web developers don't need to struggle with setting up a process.


While working and developing on ‘.vue’ files, Nuxt.js checks on and then changes and compiles everything with Webpack Configuration. Nuxt,js will set up the development server of the project that is run into the command ‘npm run dev’


Great Community Support


When you want to choose a technology for development it is very important to choose one which has a very good community support behind it. With Good community support you can grow together with the technology.


With Nuxt.js technology you will never feel lost. One of the best things about nuxt anyone can come across is the documentation on the office site. Everything is very clear. A wide range of modules is available with nuxt.js technology. With these varieties of modules the development of applications is much easier.


Nuxt.js gives in many libraries, modules, start up kits and more to make it easier to develop apps.


Nuxt.Js is a growing community. It is almost everywhere. Especially on Discord, ready to step in and resolve your problems you might face while developing apps. With the growing community of Nuxt you will also come across new development strategies.


Summing Up

Nuxt.js is considered as one of the most famous tools to develop powerful applications. All the advantages of nuxt.js technology has made it famous among all the development technology.If you want to work on a project with excellent Seo then Nuxt is the perfect technology to use. With Nuxt.js technology you can control factors that might affect SEO and page ranking.


With nuxt you can render on both server and client side which makes it possible to have a very powerful and responsive application. Nuxt also provides multiple range modules with a growing community that will allow it to have high performance applications in speed.


Nuxt provides simplification, optimization and acceleration in the development of applications.  Nuxt.js technology can be the main base of a project with benefits such as SSR, ‘.vue’ files, ES6 compilation and many other features.


The advantages of Nuxt technology are immense. In 2022 if you want to develop the backend of your application with the best technology then Nuxt is the right choice.