E-Commerce Solutions

Ecommerce Software development is our very core skill. We have developed more than 10 large scale ecommerce projects with numerous modules. With time our ecommerce engine matured to a great level. Our ecommerce software solutions includes frontend application, backend application, android and ios applications. Each application runs separately and communicates using REST API.

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What we can do?

With Qtec Solution Limited’s e-commerce solutions the companies can launch, run and manage their own online store. Qtec Solution Limited simplifies the process of running an online store by combining features and functions into one solution.


Product Inventory,Customer and Order Management

Qtec Solution Limited offers features that will help you to control the inventory of your product, customer profile and information, manage and view orders. Thus you will get an overall view of your operations.


User Friendly Interface

We provide a user friendly interface so that any member of the business or store’s sales team can easily monitor and manage the platform with minimum training.


Integrated Payment Gateways

Qtec Solution limited developed payment gateways for e-commerce platforms according to client's requirement.


Shipping and Tax Management

An e-commerce platform should have features to calculate the shipping cost and tax. Qtec Solution Limited offers these features according to clients choice.

Technologies we use

Qtec Solution Limited Uses Django/Python in the backend and Under vue.js we use Nuxt.js and Next.js in the frontend for e-commerce solutions.

Who we've worked with

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