Software Solutions Development

Qtec Solution Limited provide all kinds of enterprise software solutions, ecommerces, delivery management system, business management, learning applications are our core strength. Based on your super custom requirements, we can provide amazing full super fast and top notch solutions

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What we can do?

Qtec Solution Limited Company’s software development services are directed towards designing, engineering, supporting and evolving diverse software types.


Custom Software Development

Qtec Solution Limited offers custom software development services. Our company draws the core functionality for the business procedure in focus and amplifies the software with supreme software features and capabilities for your particular requirement.


Managed Team

Qtec Solution Limited has a standard dedicated development team. They are solely allocated to the client’s engagement.


Maintenance and Support of Existing Software

Qtec Solution Limited company’s support and maintenance service help to improve customer satisfaction, attain maximum app availability, speedup backlog implementation and decrease operational cost.


Quality Assurance

Qtec Solution Limited assure excellent quality of software. The company makes sure that software is proficient, bears minimal defects and meets customers requirements.



The Qtec Solution Limited DevOps team works closely with the development team. The DevOps team does optimization of the system, manages the releases and brings the best out of the codebase and server capacity.

Technologies we use

Qtec Solution Limited uses Django/Python in the backend and under vue.js we use Nuxt.js in the frontend for software solution development. For databases we use MySQL and MongoDB. For hosting we use DigitalOcean and AWS hosting services.

Who we've worked with

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