Custom Software Development Services

Different businesses have different types of operational requirements according to their business goals. It is not possible to fulfill all these requirements with a ready-made software development service. This is where comes the need for custom software development services.


What Is Custom Software Development Service?

Custom Software Development Service is where we customize and develop the software according to the operations of your business based on your operational requirements. Qtec Solution Limited specializes in custom software development services. Here at Qtec Solution Limited, we understand the unique and different needs of your business. Then we convert those operational requirements into reality by creating, designing, and developing customized applications. We not only develop the application but also take the responsibility of maintenance over time.


Why Is Custom Software Development Worth The Cost?

Human Factor

The human factor plays a significant role in custom software development services. The development team of Qtec Solution Limited works together toward fulfilling your business goals. Individual members carry out tasks with full responsibility and thus provide superior custom software development services.

Complexities Of Projects

Different projects have different operational requirements. It is not easy to fulfill those requirements as some of them are really complex. Qtec Solution Limited has got an expert team that deals carefully with these complexities of projects.


While providing custom software development services following algorithms is essential. We at Qtec Solution Limited, maintain a very neat and clean process while developing software. As a result, many people can use the software. As we follow algorithms the software becomes long-lasting, well-designed, organized, and cost-efficient and maintenance are easy.

Advantages Of Customized Software Development

Targeted Solutions

As the Custom Software Development service is a fully customized service it provides 100% solution to your operational requirements. Qtec Solution Limited customizes the exact organizational needs of your project. We process your project in a way that provides targeted solutions to your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Off-the-shelf software doesn't offer all the features a customer might need. Whereas custom-made software is developed keeping in mind the requirements and needs of a user. Qtec Solution Limited studies the users carefully before developing custom-made software thus customer satisfaction is ensured.


As Qtec Solution Limited develops customized software from scratch, they contain proper security knowledge about the project. As a result, they can better attend if any issues arise as they have got all the necessary information to solve the issue.

Flexibility And Scalability

In Custom Software Development there is scope for both flexibility and scalability. As it is made from starting there is flexibility to organize the software as your need. Also, custom software is made with the opportunity for changes, expansions, and growth.

Things to Consider Before Going for Custom Software Development

Defining Current Process And Future Needs

While developing custom software development it is necessary that both clients and developers have the proper idea about the current process and the needs that can come up in the future. Qtec Solution Limited helps clients to define their current approach also future needs. We develop any custom-made software by keeping clients up to date with the current process and also make sure that there is room for future needs in the project.


Make a Realistic Plan With Milestone

Custom Software Development works only with realistic plans. Unrealistic plans that have no end goals and are also quite impossible to finish, is a loss of both money and time. Qtec Solution Limited helps clients to make realistic plans along with milestones for the project but first, the client needs to consider developing a realistic plan. A realistic plan has growth and with a realistic plan, there is a major possibility of success with your project. Setting milestones while developing software takes your realistic plan one step ahead. Qtec Solution Limited ensures that projects have a realistic plan with milestones.

Knowing The Resources

As custom software development is all about making software from scratch it is essential to know the resources. Without proper resources, it is not possible to finish custom-made software. Whether clients have the budget, time, and human resources are essential things to consider before going for custom software development. The success of the project depends very much on the resources. Qtec Solution Limited helps clients to better understand their resources and help them plan according to their resources.

How We Develop It For You?

Project Analysis And Definition

Qtec Solution Limited follows some phases while developing custom software. Project analysis and definition is the first phase. In this phase, we first analyze the target market. We do research on the market as our developers need to identify what type of features and services the software must provide so that customers get the best out of it. Then we analyze the requirements of the project. We create a detailed outline of the task of the developers, design, the timeline within which the project will be completed, and other necessary components.


After the project analysis and definition is done successfully we get onto our next phase which is development. Developers start coding according to the project specifications and requirements. Developers at Qtec Solution Limited follow proper guidelines and procedures while developing. The front-end developers work on building the project interfaces and client-side applications. Back-end developers work on creating core backbone applications with API and databases. The senior managers and programmers review the codebase and check for edge cases. Where a staging version of the project is implemented on the project to check whether all the requirements are matched or not. The Client also tests it. Qtec Solution team also maintains the time schedule very carefully. After coding is done, the project goes through implementation. Where a pilot test is implemented on the project to check whether all the requirements are matched or not.

Performance Testing

After development comes the performance testing of the project. In the performance testing phase, we check whether there are any bugs or errors in the software. We verify the software’s functions and check requirements according to analysis with expert testers before delivering it to the users. If there is any defect in the code, the tester notifies the developers. Developers then check and if the defect is valid they start working on improving the flaws. This process is repeated until the software becomes bug-free and meets the actual requirements.

Deployment And Maintenance

After all the necessary testing we deliver the project to the client. When the users start using the software different types of issues can arise. To solve those issues we keep a maintenance team. The team work on the the after service issues of the software. The maintenance team keeps an eye on the software for any kind of bugs or errors. If clients find any issues they notify the maintenance team. The team then checks on the issue and if it's valid they work on the issue until it's fixed. Qtec Solution maintenance team keeps clear communication with clients so it gets easier to fix any issues regarding software.

What Can You Expect From Us?

Qtec Solution Limited provides qualified custom software development services. We have an expert team that works with full dedication for your projects. Individual team members are skilled in their own fields.

While developing custom-made software we not only fulfill the requirements of the project but also ensure its success of the project.

We follow the time schedule very precisely so clients get their projects ready exactly in time. Qtec Solution Limited helps clients to better understand their projects thus making the project a success in their business.

We also have an expert after-service maintenance team that helps you with issues while operating the software.

Custom Software We Create For Different Business Needs

Stech Group

Stech Group is the parent company of many subsidiary businesses such as agro-fishing, auto brick production, ICT, travel business, and many more. They have expanded their business in many countries. They are also planning on spreading their business in the textile sector. The main goal of the Stech Group is to improve the economic condition of Bangladesh. Stech Group approached Qtec Solution Limited with a vision to create a website using advanced technology which gives an attractive look. Which will draw the attention of clients in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. The team of Qtec Solution Limited has given their utmost dedication and hard work to build this website. The website of Stech Group was built using Django/Python at the backend with templates on the front.

Technology Used In This Project: We have used Django, Figma, Nuxt.js, Digital Ocean, REST API and Vue.js to develop this project.

Decoris Diamonds

Decoris Diamonds is a company that specializes in making customized jewelry. They have got an expert team that helps and guide people to choose the right jewelry while giving customers a delightful experience and satisfaction. Without any doubt, they provide the best professional services with top-notch quality products. Decories Diamonds approached Qtec Solution Limited with a vision to develop a website that will give an attractive look with dynamic features. Qtech Solution Limited worked really hard to develop this website according to the client's requirements and deliver it within the planned schedule. This website was developed with Django/Python technology in the backend and Nuxt.js in the front end with REST API connected in between.

Technology Used In This Project: We have used Django, Figma, Nuxt.js, Flutter, REST API, Vue.js and AWS to develop this project.

Wear Soha

Wear Soha is a multi-nation e-commerce platform with dynamic fashion products aimed at fashionable women. The platform has versions for users from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. It also has a global version developed. The owners of the company approached Qtec Solution Limited with the aim to build something scalable and top-notch in quality. The team has delivered the best after six months of continuous development. Qtec Solution Limited has developed both iOS and Android Mobile Applications for Wear Soha. The backend was developed using Django/Python and the frontend technology is NUXTJS with REST API connected in between.

Technology Used In This Project: We have used Django, Figma, Nuxt.js, Flutter, REST API, Android, IOS, Vue.js, PostgreSQL and AWS to develop this project.

Our Recent Project

Qtec Solution Limited has accomplished many successful projects for different business needs. Those projects are running well and have brought profitable victory in the business world.

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SupplyChain is a company that serves retail shops with stock products at the best prices. The company offers collateral-free invoice finance to help them maintain good cash flow. For Brands, we offer a fully digitized and efficient route-to-market solution with zero credit exposure. The company approached Qtec Solution Limited with a vision to develop a web and mobile application which gives customers analytical solutions while making retailer management easier. The Qtac Solution team worked with dedication to develop this application within the designated time plan. SupplyChain application was developed with Django Python technology in the backend and Nuxt.js technology in the front end with REST API connected. Flutter was used to develop the mobile application.

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Alpha DMS

Alpha DMS is a delivery company that serves parcel delivery services. This company is based in the United Kingdom (UK). Alpha DMS provides parcel delivery of different products to their customers but they are specialized in delivering groceries. One of their biggest customers is Oddbox. Alpha DMS agreed with Qtec Solution Limited with an aim to develop a website with an appropriate algorithm and cost optimization design. The Qtec Solution Limited team provided utmost dedication while building this software solution for managing their business and saving a lot of redundant work time. We, the custom software development company have developed the Delivery Management Software within the planned schedule. The software was built using Django/Python technology at the backend with the front-end templates for the company employees.



The best way to choose a custom software development company is by considering whether the company is capable of fulfilling your project’s operational requirements. To ensure it few steps can be evaluated. Such as studying on company portfolio, checking on their communication skills and delivery time, after-delivery services, security, quality of their work, and expertise of team members.

Agile Software Development is an approach followed by many software development companies where the team members/Clients maintain a mutual collaboration regarding the work process, solutions, improvement, planning, progress, changes, and many more about the project.

The time frame varies while developing custom software. It totally depends on the requirements and size of the project. On average, it takes 1 to 12 months to form a custom software from development to delivery to the customers.

It is difficult to tell the exact amount of development of custom software. The amount varies according to the size, requirements, and complexity of the project. Usually, it takes $10,000 to $2,50,000 to develop custom software on average.

Custom software development companies provide services where they develop customized software according to client's requirements. These companies specialize in making tailored projects following customer needs. As a result, the outcome is higher quality products with affordable costs.

As most custom software is made from scratch, higher cost becomes the major disadvantage. Different and unique features require more cost. Also, it needs time to develop custom-made software. Requiring expert and experienced developers for complex functions is another disadvantage. But keep in mind, that all the world's greatest software is custom-made, and to fulfill your business requirements, you must develop custom-developed software.

Custom software needs to develop according to specific requirements. Whereas off-the-shelf software is ready-made software. Off-the-shelf software is mainly used where All the requirements are included in the package. Custom software is developed for projects with special requirements that must be tailored.

Looking For Someone To Build Your Custom Software?

If you are looking for the right custom software development company to develop your customized software, Qtec Solution Limited is the right choice. We provide the best service for our clients while fulfilling all their operational requirements.