Custom Mobile Application Development Services

In recent times, mobile devices are taking over the places of web applications as most people have a smartphone. People are getting more comfortable with mobile apps. The number of people using mobile apps is increasing day by day. So is the need for custom mobile app development.


What Is Custom Mobile Application Development Service?

Custom Mobile Application Development Service is where we develop a customized mobile app according to your business requirements. Developing many successful customized mobile applications over the past few years has made Qtec Solution Limited an expert in this area. Different mobile applications have different requirements. Qtec Solution team very well understands the unique features and different functions our clients require for their custom mobile apps. We then create, design, and develop the custom mobile app and get the client's dream into reality.

Qtec Solution Limited is also well known for after-service maintenance. Our team keeps a close look at your mobile application and is always ready to work on any errors.


Our App Development Services Includes

Cross-Platform App Development Services

Based on the requirements of clients Qtec Solution Limited develops custom mobile applications that can run on many platforms. The custom mobile app we create can be run on both IOS and android also on their different versions.

Android App Development Services

According to the client’s requirements, Qtec Solution Limited develops custom mobile app that is targeted to android users. If you are thinking of developing a custom mobile application targeting android users then Qtec Solution Limited is the best option.

IOS Application Development Services

Qtec Solution Limited specializes in developing custom-made mobile applications that are targeted to IOS users. We create customized mobile apps according to the client’s requirements, especially for IOS users.

You Know Your Business. We Know Mobile Apps

More App For Your Money

Qtec Solution Limited develops mobile applications according to your needs that add value to the money you are investing to create a customized app.

Fastest Timelines

Qtec Solution team is an expert in developing apps following fast timelines. The mobile app our clients get from us is stable, doesn't crash, requires less RAM and memory space, and runs smoothly and fast.

Fewer Tradeoffs

We at Qtec Solution Limited, develop custom mobile applications while trying to avoid as much complexity as possible. That makes it easier to understand the development process for clients.

Why Choose Us?


Leverage Our Experience Building Over 20 Apps

Over the past few years, Qtec Solution Limited has developed more than 20 mobile apps. Our mobile apps are running successfully making the business profitable. All these experience has made Qtec Solution Limited an expert in custom mobile app development service. If you are looking for a software development company to develop your custom mobile application then Qtec Solution is the right choice. We can develop your customized mobile app following the operational requirements. We not only fulfill the operational requirements but also help the client to fulfill their business goal with the app. Due to our many experiences developing custom mobile apps, we very well understand your requirements for different and unique features and functions and make them into reality.

Scale Without Worry

When a business grows customer ratio also increases. You might worry that your app might not work properly with the increasing number of users. With Qtec Solution Limited you will never have to worry about scalability. Qtec Solution team develops a custom mobile application that has high scalability. You can create the app for current users and also have the scope to expand your users. We at Qtec Solution Limited develop custom mobile apps not only thinking about the short term but also keeping open areas for future possibilities. So when your business expands you don't require to work on your app again. Your app will work smoothly and without any errors within your expanded users.


Useful Integrations

According to our client’s needs, we integrate useful tools into custom mobile applications. Qtec Solution team has the capability to integrate many useful tools and packages within the custom mobile app. Tools and package integration are crucial parts of developing custom mobile applications. So our client trusts us regarding this and we keep that trust. Having experience developing many custom-made mobile apps we are specialists in this area. So if you are looking for a company to develop a custom mobile app with many useful tools and packages, Qtec solution limited being professional is the best choice. We provide the right integration service for your app.

Delivery At Speed

Time is valuable—both for the company and clients. Qtec Solution Limited always follows the time schedule very carefully. We provide the fastest delivery of your custom mobile app. Qtec Solution team plans the time schedule according to the requirements of the app and discusses it with the client. Then we develop the custom mobile app within that time. There are many clients who want their custom mobile app within a very short and fast timeline. We also maintain that our development process is the fastest. Being able to deliver fast gives both the developers and clients the scope to check and review the mobile app. The fastest delivery of the custom mobile app is one of the reasons our clients are satisfied with us.


What Some Of Our Clients Say

The Qtec team is very communicative and friendly. They provide quick responses to issues. Their understanding of requirements is very amazing!

– Iftekhar Sifat, (Co-founder, My Legal Chamber)

Alhamdulillah, I love the way they have developed my dream project. The engineering team did amazing work and the communication was very smooth.

– Barrister Asif Iqbal (Founder, Lexintell.com)

They have done four of our projects and we have got just what we wanted! We are going to work with them for a very long period of time, I can assure.

– AL Imran, (Founder, Stylepoka.com)

Our Custom Mobile App Development Process


Our first step in developing a custom mobile application is brainstorming. In this step, we discuss the requirements. We try to find out the best ways to fulfill the requirements. We follow multiple architectures to develop applications. Different apps require different architectures. In the brainstorming phase, we take the decision about which architecture will best go with the app and organization.

Business Strategy

While developing an app we discuss the business strategy with the client. We discuss the budget, the size of the application, how they are going to link it with their business, and other strategies as well. We understand the business strategy and according to that, we develop the app.


Identifying The Target Audience

Our next step is to identify the target audience of the app. We at Qtec Solution Limited run different types of surveys and follow unique techniques to identify the target audience. From these surveys, we get to know who are our target audience, their needs, and their behavior toward the application.

Finding Core Functionalities

After getting operational requirements from the client side we find out the core functionalities of the app. An app might have many operational features but some of the functions are core. Core functionalities can be the log-in/sign-in portal, product page, home page, cart, check-out, etc. Depending on what type of app is this we figure out the core functionalities.


At Qtec Solution Limited we do brainstorming for the second time. Here we discuss the works we have done so far. Try to find out what might have been missed in the process. Also, discuss what needs to be done in the future. This is a very important phase as here we get to know the lackings of the work process and work on them.


In the pre-development phase, we debug and revise the whole process. This is the phase before development where it is checked that all the things are ready or not for the development step. We try to find out if there are any errors and issues and fix them. After this step, the app is ready for development.


The last step is development. When all the necessary steps are done we finally develop the custom mobile application. After development, we again debug and revise the whole development process. If we find any errors or bugs we work on them and fix them. Finally, when the custom mobile app is ready we upload it to the store.

Our Recent Project

Qtec Solution Limited has accomplished many successful mobile app developments.

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SupplyChain is a company that serves retail shops with stock products at the best prices. The company offers collateral-free invoice finance to help them maintain good cash flow. For Brands, we offer a fully digitized and efficient route-to-market solution with zero credit exposure. The company approached Qtec Solution Limited with a vision to develop a web and mobile application which gives customers analytical solutions while making retailer management easier. The Qtac Solution team worked with dedication to develop this application within the designated time plan. SupplyChain application was developed with Django Python technology in the backend and Nuxt.js technology in the frontend with REST API connected. Flutter was used to develop the mobile application.

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Wear Soha

Wear Soha is a multi-national e-commerce platform with dynamic fashion products aimed at fashionable women. The platform has versions for users from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. It also has a global version developed. The owners of the company approached Qtec Solution Limited with the aim to build something scalable and top-notch in quality. The team has delivered the best after six months of continuous development. Qtec Solution Limited has developed both iOS and Android Mobile Applications for Wear Soha. The backend was developed using Django/Python and the frontend technology is NUXTJS with REST API connected in between.



A custom mobile app is an app that is developed in a customized way according to the operational requirements of the client. The benefit of customizing an app is you can get different and unique features in your app according to your needs. You can design the app for multiple platforms.

The main benefit of developing a customized app is you can choose the features and design of the app according to your needs. As it is customized by you, you know better all the functions which makes it easier for you to maintain the app. The customized app also has the scope of scalability, security, following tech trends, keeping up with competitors, and many more.

Custom mobile app development services include where a software development company will develop a customized app for you following the operational requirements you provide to them according to your business goals. The app is specially tailored to fulfill the needs of your business. It can be partially or full development.

Mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps both have different benefits they serve the users. A mobile app is faster also it is possible to use it both offline and online whereas websites require online access every time. Mobile apps store data on mobile devices so it gets easy to retrieve data and take action on behalf of customers which saves a lot of time whereas websites store data on web servers.

We at Qtec Solution Limited have an excellent maintenance team. Our maintenance team provides after-launch services for our clients. We look after your app and solve issues regarding any kind of error or bugs. We take notes from our clients if there is any problem, validate the problem and then work on it unless it gets fixed.

The price of developing a custom mobile app depends on many factors. Due to different requirements from clients and types of complexities prices vary while developing a custom mobile app. A custom mobile development app can range from $3,000 to $100,000 depending on the operational requirements and complexities.

While developing a custom mobile app the first thing to think about is a realistic plan. It is essential that you come up with a realistic plan for your app otherwise the app won't be successful. Also, know your resources better. Then plan according to that. Without appropriate and sufficient resources app will be left unfinished.

Mobile app design is very much important as the success of your business somewhat depends on it. With a good mobile app design, comes a good user experience. The way a user will interact with your app depends on the design of your app.

Yes, the custom mobile app has become a part of digital transformation. A custom mobile app is the cornerstone of digitalization and is therefore essential to the success of the digital transformation. The overall number of mobile minutes spent online today is dominated by custom mobile applications.

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If you are looking for the best custom software development company to develop your custom mobile app then Qtec Solution Limited is the right choice. With our experience and skilled developers, you will get top-notch service from us.