Mobile Application Development

Everybody looks for an App when you have a business digital or non digital. We use Flutter and Native technologies to develop super user friendly, fast and smooth mobile applications. Our expert engineers can deliver both iOS and Android applications on time.

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What we can do?

Qtec Solution Limited builds mobile solutions to improve your business effectively and efficiently. Our team has a strong knowledge base to guide you along the process of mobile application development.


IOS and Android Applications

Our engineers can develop mobile apps that can be launched on both IOS and Android.They use app building platforms such as Flutter and Native script that allows to create apps for IOS and Android Simultaneously.


BLOC Pattern Architecture

Our engineers follow BLOC pattern architecture as it is suitable for most apps, improve code quality and make handling states much more manageable.


Scalable Mobile App

Making Scalability available and reliable for mobile apps is very important so that your app can serve a large number of users. Qtec Solution Limited builds mobile apps with high scalability.


MVP Development

MVP(Minimum Viable Product) is the base architecture of any mobile app. Qtec Solution Limited focuses on MVP development process while building mobile apps.

Technologies we use

Qtec Solution Limited uses Flutter and Native technologies to develop mobile applications.

Who we've worked with

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