Wear Soha Case Study

Wear Soha is a multinational ecommerce platform with dynamic fashion products aimed for fashionable womens. The platform has versions for users from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh. It also has a global version developed.  The owners of the company approached Qtec Solution Limited with an aim to build something scalable and top notch in quality. The team has delivered the best after six months of continuous development. Qtec Solution Limited has developed both iOS and Android Mobile Applications for Wear Soha. The backend was developed using Django/Python and frontend technology is NUXT.js with REST API connected in between.


Client Requirements

The client wanted a platform(Backend, frontend, Android Application, iOS Application) with amazing devops service and UI UX Design, they have found the right combination at Qtec Solution Limited, a Dhaka based International Standard Software Development and UI UX Design Company. The platform must have multiple versions with currencies, Inventory, Analytics and Authentication System. For example, The users from Singapore will see Singapore currencies, Inventory, delivery options while users from Malaysia or Bangladesh will see a different version and global users will see a different version. It wasn’t easy for Qtec Solution Limited Software Engineers. But eventually they pulled it off and went live. The User Experience & User Interface design was done by Qtec Solution Limited based on the client requirements and provided data of users. It is one of the biggest projects of Qtec Solution Limited’s amazing portfolio. 


Key features

Multi Currency, Multi Inventory

The main feature of Wear Soha Ecommerce Platform. Based on the user location the website and mobile applications offer different currency and inventory. The user can change their location anytime.

Multiple Authorization

The Wear Soha platform has multiple types of authorizations based on the location of the users. The platform also has a global version for the users outside Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Country wise Payment gateway

The platform has country wise payment systems integrated. For Bangladesh the Qtec Solution Limited, Software Development Company team has integrated SSL Wireless Payment gateway the most famous payment gateway of Bangladesh. For Singapore and others, we have integrated the Stripe payment gateway that accepts VISA, Mastercard.

Dynamic Coupons

The Wear Soha platform has a dynamic option for dynamic coupons. Coupons can be used for different countries, categories, products and options.

The class UX

The global standard class User Experience and User Interface design is one of the key features of this project. Based on the fashion and design trend of the industry our experienced UX designer has designed mobile applications and websites.

Multi Country delivery system

Wear Soha has a multi country dynamic delivery system. It’s amazing how the development solved the problem of delivering products to multiple countries with multiple delivery address charges.

How we build it?

Like every other Qtec Solution Limited project, the first goal was to develop the MVP (Most Viable Product). For any ecommerce product, adding products to cart, checking out by making payment and placing orders is the MVP. So, our first goal was to develop the MVP once the designs are completed. We have designed the system architecture once the design is handed over to the development team.