Odommo Prokash Case Study

Odommo Prokash is an ecommerce book store based in Bangladesh. From here you can purchase your desired books from home and Odommo Prokash will deliver the books to your doorsteps. They ensure fast and secure delivery. The main goal of Odommo Prokash is to grow readers affection and love toward books. Odommo Prokash approached Qtec Solution Limited with an aim to build an efficient, easy to use and mobile friendly ecommerce book store which is top level in quality. The Qtec team accomplished an excellent job by developing this website within the planned timeline. Our team has developed this website with Django/Python technology in backend and Nuxt.js technology in frontend with REST API connected in Between.


Client Requirements

The client requested an e-commerce book selling platform(Backend and frontend, website) with excellent UI/UX design. They wanted an individual author panel in the backend where authors can keep track of their books, sales, profits etc. The platform must be mobile responsive. As their payment gateway method they wanted to implement the Bkash mobile wallet. They wished to have a blog page where blogs will be posted on different books, Authors and events . One of the requirements was to have an author page where all the authors will be  highlighted based on the number of books they sold. The platform should have a login and sign up options with customer profile. The Qtec team provided utmost dedication to build this website according to clients demand. The team provided pixel perfect design with great UI/UX design.


Key features

Author Panel

An Author panel is developed where Authors can see their books and also keep records of their sales and profit.

Book Campaign

In the campaign section different campaigns are posted on different occasions. Under the campaign, books are offered at a discounted price for a limited time period. Campaigns can be created and modified from backend dashboard and they display in frontend.

Mobile Responsive

Odommo Prokash website is created in a mobile responsive way. The website can be operated from any IOS and Android devices. It is super user friendly and easy to use on every device.

Blog Page

We developed a dynamic blog page in the website where an admin can add, create, modify or delete blogs from the backend panel. Blog posts usually consist of pictures, paragraphs with headlines.

Review and Complain Section

We developed a dynamic rating review system where a user can give their review and ratings. An admin can decide whether to publish it or not. We also developed a complaint segment where users can complain about books, delivery, quality etc.

Inventory management

One of the key features is inventory management. From the inventory section authors will know how many copies are sold, who are the customers and some other KPI for his books. This is an amazing unique feature.

How we build it?

Like any other e-commerce platform the main goal of Odommo Prokash website was to build the MVP(Minimum Viable Product). The Qtec team has developed the MVP by generating the add to cart, making payments and placing an order options. The team implemented bkash mobile wallet as their payment gateway method. The website was developed in a mobile friendly way. Magnificent UI/UX design was used to build this website.