Figma is a web based graphics editing and user interface design app.You can use it to do all the graphic design work from wireframing websites, designing mobile app interfaces, prototyping designs. Crafting social media posts and everything in between.Figma is one of the most revolutionary graphics editing apps that is taking over the world by storm.


Why Figma?

What makes Figma different is files live on the web. No more transferring files between your work and personal computers.


Figma Works on All Platforms

Figma can be used on any computer that has a web browser. Be it a Mac, Linux device, Windows PC or even Chromebook. Designers and developers are exploiting Mac and Windows PCs in many places. Figma supports bringing in these variable groups together.


Real Time Collaboration

The main benefit of Figma is the ability to work on one project with many people at the same time. Which distinguishes this tool from other tools.


Providing feedback is easy

Figma doesn't need to export the completed project. The presentation and process of adding feedback can be done in the tool.


Figma Sharing is Easy and Flexible

Figma sharing is simple. It allows its users to share any file, page or frame depending on permission.


Project Files Stay at One Place

Since Figma is an online software, Figma manages file organization by displaying projects and attached files in a dedicated window.


Why is Figma a good design tool choice?

Designing is amplified day by day. With the presence of many designing tools it gets really confusing to choose the correct designing tools. With Figma everything connects and flows way better. Figma is focused towards team collaboration. It allows a team of designers to work together on the same file without creating any hassle. Figma has a great impact on the overall cost of web and mobile application development. It is also focused on gaining the most unsophisticated design in the web and mobile business.