Nivoda Feed Jewelry Website Case Study

One of Qtec Solution Limited’s clients specializes in making customized jewelry. They have got an expert team that helps and guide people to choose the right jewelry while giving customers a delightful experience and satisfaction. Without any doubt they provide the best professional services with top notch quality of the products. The Company approached Qtec Solution Limited with a vision to develop a website that will give an attractive look with dynamic features. Qtec Solution Limited worked really hard to develop this website according to clients requirements and deliver it within the planned schedule. This website was developed with Django/Python technology in the backend and Nuxt.js in the frontend with REST API connected in between. 


Client Requirements

The client requested a faster loading website (Backend, frontend). They wanted to have a signup, wish list and cart options. As their payment gateway method they wanted Stripe and Newpay to be inserted in the website. The website must be developed in a way where customers can customize their jewelry according to type, shape, color, style and metal wise. One of their significant requirements was Nivoda API implementation. They wish to have a feature where customers can customize their ring with engraving. The Qtec Solution team provided utmost dedication and developed this website according to clients requirements with pixel perfect design. 


Key features

Ring Customization

One of the significant features of this website is the ring customization. This ring customization is divided into three steps. In the first step you need to select the ring according to style, metal, shape and types of stone. Next step is choosing a diamond. You can choose your preferred diamond from this section. In the final step you can see the overall information of the chosen customized ring. Also the size of the ring is selected country wise in this step.

Nivoda API Implementation

An API is implemented between Nivoda feed and this website. As a result, overall diamond details is derived from Nivoda feed everyday and shown in this website.

Payment Gateway Method

Newpay and Stripe is implemented in this website as their payment gateway method.

Mobile Responsive

The website was developed in a mobile-friendly way. Customers can easily browse this website on different devices.

Diamond Filtration

Another significant feature of this website is diamond filtration. Customers can choose diamonds according to shape, carat range, color grade, clarity, cut and price.


One unique feature was engraving. Customers can engrave texts or symbols on the ring.

How we build it?

The website was developed with MVP(Minimum Viable Product). Add to cart, Placing an order and making payment options were implemented in this website. Stripe and Newpay were developed as their payment gateway method. The Qtec Solution team provided utmost dedication to build unique features such as Ring Customization, Nivoda API Implementation and Diamond Filtration. Agile Software Development Methodology was implemented while developing this website. Scrum meetings were conducted on a daily basis by the scrum master. Where each team member was assigned tasks according to the sprint.