The iPhone operating system is a unix derived operating system powering all of Apple's mobile devices. It was created and developed by Apple Inc. It is the world’s second most widely installed mobile operating system after Android.


Why iOS?

iOS is generally much smoother, faster and significantly better for longevity. One biggest advantage of iOS is faster software updates.


Information Security

Apple devices are very secure in terms of information security. They offer very few yet important apps in the Apple store. So there is no possibility of getting malware and viruses.


Apple Ecosystem

The range of Apple products have grown in recent years. All the devices of Apple work together. No need to install separate applications to link them. Closed ecosystems also guarantee user safety.


Easy to Use

Apple phones are well known for their ease to use. Even if you upgrade to the latest model the operating system works the same.



Letting users multitask is surely one of the big advantages of iOS. Users can work on their iOS device and also can continue to use another app at the same time.


Efficient Battery Use With Less Heat Generation

iOS devices produce less heat even after using them for hours. iOS batteries are well known to be far more efficient. A lot of users prefer this operating system so that they use the device for a longer time without getting heating issues.


Why is iOS a Good Mobile Operating System Choice?

iOS has more consistent support for all devices. It has a closed ecosystem that is difficult to penetrate. iOS works with a strict app store. All of these factors combined makes it a good mobile operating system choice. iOS has better synchronization between hardware and software.