MongoDB is a document oriented no SQL database used for high volume data storage. The MongoDB database has a flexible data model that enables you to store unstructured data, provide full indexing support, and replicate with rich and intuitive APIs. MongoDB makes use of collections and documents instead of using tables and rows as in the traditional relational database.


Why MongoDB?

Using MongoDB can provide many benefits to the software development team. Its flexibility makes it easy to evolve and store data in a way that is easy for programmers to work with.


Easy to Install

Creating and setting up MongoDB is very easy. With just as few clicks in the intuitive UI, you can deploy new forever free instances. You will be able to connect to your database within minutes using the provided connection string.


Cost Effective

MongoDB is very cost effective. It offers many flexible approaches. While using MongoDB you can keep your cost at a minimum and still have the flexibility to handle sudden traffic bursts.


Technical Support and Documentation

MongoDB always has your back when it comes to seeking help. It has extensive documentation available. As well as a large collection of getting started tutorials. Also it has a community where you can ask questions and find queries.


Speedy Performance

The documentation model of MongoDB has helped a lot. Now information can be embedded inside a single document . This makes queries much faster.


Flexible Document Schemas

Data structure is modeled and manipulated easily with the document model of MongoDB. Explicit schemas and validating data is supported by MongoDB. This flexibility is an incredible asset.


Why is MongDB a Good Database Choice?

MongoDB offers faster query processing. It provides highly flexible and scalable document structure. MongoDB is a very good choice when your data is document centric. Its document oriented data model makes it easy to add or change fields. So if a developer needs to quickly evolve an application, MongoDB’s flexible data model facilitates it.