Logistics Solutions

In the past couple of years Qtec Solution Limited has developed multiple logistics solutions for local and international companies. We developed custom logistics solutions using Google Maps, generating routing, and fulfilling.

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What we can do?

With superior technologies, Qtec Solution Limited offers logistics companies a delivery system solutions that allow them to deliver goods faster, coordinate supply chains better, manage transportation more effectively and create a more delightful customer experience.


Merchant Management Dashboard

Qtec Solution Limited offers clients a simple, convenient and intuitive merchant management dashboard so that they can manage customer payment, analyze business operations and export the necessary data.


Rider Management Dashboard

Qtec Solution Limited provides rider management dashboards for logistic businesses with which you can get real time rider tracking and ride management options for your business.


Partner Management Dashboard

Our team also provides a partner management dashboard. With this dashboard partners can access to all accounts from a single login to manage benefits administrations.


Super Admin Management Dashboard

In the super admin management dashboard the super admin has the complete access of all objects and information.

Technologies we use

Qtec Solution Limited Uses Django/Python in the backend and under vue.js we use NuXT.js and Next.js in the frontend for logistic solutions.

Who we've worked with

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