LMS Solutions

Learning Management System software development is something we are very good at. We have developed several Elearning solutions for our clients and have become very expert in this industry. Our in- depth understanding of the industry gives us extra advantage to help our clients reach the designed goal with scalable technology.

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What we can do?

Qtec solution limited develop scalable learning management systems from base with intuitive user interface and productive user experiences. We program responsive design features for LMS.


Video Classroom With Quizzes

Qtec Solution Limited develops and integrates LMS with video classrooms included with quizzes.


Mentor Panel

The mentor panel is part of the learning management system. With a mentor panel the mentors can manage and keep records of over all components of mentorship.


Ambassador Panel

Qtec Solution Limited assists the ambassador panel with LMS. With an ambassador panel people associated with affiliation can manage and keep tabs of all the affiliating activities.


Super Admin Panel

With a super admin panel the main admin can keep an eye on all activities and information.

Technologies we use

For LMS solution Qtec Solution Limited uses Django/Python in the backend and Nuxt.js and Next.js under vue.js in the frontend.

Who we've worked with

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