Where To Case Study

"Where To" is an innovative and user-friendly event booking app that goes beyond ordinary event planning. It offers customers a seamless platform to not only book exciting events but also access a diverse range of exclusive vouchers and deals. With a focus on convenience and accessibility, organizers can log in to the app to effortlessly create, manage, and publish their events and vouchers in a timely manner.

For event enthusiasts, the app provides a delightful experience by presenting a wide array of upcoming events to explore and attend. Users can easily access event details, such as dates, times, locations, and ticket availability, making it effortless to plan their schedules and secure tickets right from their smartphones.


Client Requirements

The client wants to develop a comprehensive event booking app called "Where To." The app should offer customers the ability to book events and purchase various vouchers and deals. Organizers should have access to a login system to create and publish events and vouchers on the platform. The client emphasizes the need for features such as online payment options, ticket management, and organizer management to facilitate smooth event planning and booking processes.


Key features

Event Booking

Provide customers with a user-friendly interface to browse and book events of their interest. They should be able to view event details, date, time, location, and available tickets.

Voucher Booking

Allow customers to explore and purchase different vouchers and deals offered by the platform. Vouchers could be for restaurants, experiences, or other products and services.


Include an article section that offers valuable content related to events, voucher usage, and other relevant topics to enhance the user experience and provide helpful information.

Online Payment

Integrate secure online payment gateways that support various payment methods to enable smooth and secure transactions for event booking and voucher purchases.

Ticket Management

Provide organizers with tools to manage event tickets efficiently. This could include features like scanning tickets at the venue or sending e-tickets to customers.

Organizer Management

Offer organizers a dedicated dashboard where they can create and manage events and vouchers. They should be able to track bookings, manage event details, and update voucher offerings.

How we build it?

To build the "Where To" event booking app, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Requirement Gathering:

  • Hold discussions with the client to understand their specific requirements, target audience, and the types of events and vouchers to be included.

  • Determine the desired user flow for booking events and purchasing vouchers.

  1. Platform Development:

  • Set up a backend infrastructure to handle user registrations, event and voucher management, and payment processing.

  • Develop a mobile app with a user-friendly interface for customers to book events and purchase vouchers, and a web-based organizer portal for event and voucher management.

  1. Event and Voucher Listings:

  • Design a visually appealing layout to showcase events and vouchers, including necessary details and images.

  • Implement filters and search options to help users find events and vouchers based on their preferences.

  1. Online Payment Integration:

  • Integrate secure and reliable online payment gateways to process transactions seamlessly.

  • Ensure payment options are user-friendly and support popular payment methods.

  1. Ticket and Organizer Management:

  • Create a system to generate and manage event tickets, including digital ticket delivery options.

  • Provide organizers with an intuitive dashboard to create, edit, and manage events and vouchers.

  • Implement tools for organizers to track ticket sales and voucher purchases.

  1. Article Section:

  • Develop a content management system for articles, allowing administrators to publish and manage informative content related to events and vouchers.

  1. Testing and Quality Assurance:

  • Conduct thorough testing of the app and web portal to ensure all features function as intended.

  • Test payment gateways for security and reliability.

  1. Deployment and Maintenance:

  • Deploy the app on relevant app stores (iOS and Android) and the web portal on a reliable hosting platform.

  • Continuously monitor the app and portal for performance, security, and user feedback.

  • Regularly update the app and portal with new features and improvements based on user needs and industry trends.