SupplyChain App Case Study

SupplyChain is a company that serves retail shops with stock products at the best prices. The company offers collateral-free invoice finance to help them maintain good cash flow. For Brands, we offer a fully digitized and efficient route-to-market solution with zero credit exposure. The company approached Qtec Solution Limited with a vision to develop a web and mobile application which gives customers analytical solutions while making retailer management easier. The Qtec Solution team worked with dedication to develop this application within the designated time plan. SupplyChain application was developed with Django Python technology in the backend and Nuxt.js technology in the frontend with REST API connected. Flutter was used to develop the mobile application. 


Client Requirements

The client wanted an e-commerce platform (Backend, Frontend, Application) with UI/UX design. They wanted to develop this platform into two applications(SupplyChain for Retailers and SupplyChain for SR) for two different target groups. One for the retail shop users and another for regular users. One of the requirements was the login and sign-up options. This application must be developed in a user friendly way to make it easier for the users to conduct. The client wished to implement Bangla language for the convenience of customers. To implement the credit system was one of the notable requirements. Our team performed really well while developing this application and fulfilled all the requirements. 


Key features

User Friendly UI/UX Design

SupplyChain application was developed with excellent UI/UX design. The design was made after conducting interviews with many target users. It was designed in a way which is adaptable by the users.

Credit System

The team integrated a credit system in the application. Customers can use this credit system and get benefited in terms of payment.

Distribution Wise Product

SupplyChain has multiple distributors to serve their products at different locations. Our team implemented this feature that the customer will only see products of their nearby distributors based on their geolocation.

Different Application For Different Target Group

The team divided this platform into two applications. One for the retail shop users where customers can order a large volume of products for their shop. Another one for normal users where customers can order according to their daily needs.

Bulk Invoice Generator

One of the key features of SupplyChain is that individual or bulk invoices can be generated. With all the order information you can choose whether to create an individual invoice for individual orders or to create a bulk invoice by combining many orders together.

Multiple User Panel With Limited Permissions

Another significant feature is there is a different panel for different users. Each panel is designed according to the needs of the user.

How we build it?

As SupplyChain is an e-commerce platform this application was developed along with MVP(Minimum Viable Product). Add to cart and placing order options were integrated into this application. The team implemented the credit system to make the payment easygoing. The website was designed in a user friendly way to make it adaptable by the users. Pixel perfect design was provided for this application. The team developed two different applications for two different target groups. Agile software methodology was followed to develop this website.