DXMart Case Study

Dxmart is an e-commerce platform in Bangladesh that sells electronics and gadgets items. Other than electronics items you can also get personal and skin care products on this platform. With all of their outstanding and one-of-a-kind offers, they aim to please their consumers while providing the best value. The client had a goal in mind to automate the business with an e-commerce platform. With this goal, they approached Qtec Solution Limited to develop a web and mobile application that is top-notch in quality and provides the best services. The team at Qtec Solution Limited put in a lot of effort to develop this website in accordance with the client's specifications and on schedule. This e-commerce platform was developed with Django/Python technology in the backend and Nuxt.js in the front end with REST API connected in between. The mobile app was developed with Flutter technology. 


Client Requirements

The client requested an e-commerce platform(Backend, frontend, and mobile application) with amazing UI/UX design. With many requirements from our clients, some were significant. Qtec Solution limited was the suitable choice to fulfill all of the consequential requirements. The client wanted to have a user-friendly UI/UX design. Another request was to integrate a brand promoter feature. Paperfly integration was a very significant requirement. The platform must be mobile-responsive. The client wished to have a completely advanced accounting system. They also wanted a multi-vendor feature. Like any other e-commerce platform, the client wanted a coupon system for their platform. The Qtec Solution Team did a great job while developing this e-commerce platform. They fulfilled all the requirements with pixel-perfect design.


Key features


The Dxmart platform was developed with a multi-vendor feature. With this feature, different vendors can sell their products through this e-commerce platform. This platform act as a selling point for retailers.

Brand Promoter

Brand Promoter is another feature that has made this platform unique and top-notch. With this feature, retailers can promote the brand while selling products.

Coupon System

Dxmart has three different coupon systems. One is category wise where the coupon is applicable for a selected category. A general coupon is applicable to all products. Product-wise coupons can be used for a specified product.

Paperfly Integration

Paperfly API was integrated into this platform. Due to this the whole delivery system has become automated and easy. When orders are placed, Paperfly gets a notification and the whole delivery system is handled automatically.

Mobile Responsive

Dxmart's website is developed in a mobile-friendly way. People can browse this e-commerce website from any device without any hassle. As a result, the conversion rate of websites gets higher.

Advance Accounting System

A complete advanced accounting system was integrated into the Dxmart platform. All the transactions from customers, sales, revenue, profit, and all other types of statements can be handled easily. Stock management and reports are also included in this system.

How we build it?

The Qtec Solution Limited team developed MVP(Minimum Viable Product) by integrating add-to-cart and placing order options into this e-commerce platform. The team worked passionately to develop all the features. They integrated some unique features such as a brand promoter, Paperfly API, and an advanced accounting system. The platform was designed in a mobile-friendly way. Excellent UI/UX design was developed by our team. Other features such as multi-vendor, coupon system, etc are also integrated while following pixel-perfect design. This platform was developed under the Agile Software Development Methodology.