Deshi Krishi Case Study

Deshi Krishi is a crowdfunding project primarily focused on agriculture. It allows the admin to create various agricultural projects and accept individual investments. Each project can accommodate up to 20 to 30 investment units, and anyone providing their National ID card and personal information can invest through a bank. The application provides information on the number of currently available projects, available investments, and units, along with the payment procedures. It also displays project progress, and status, and enables the admin to send return on investment updates, which investors can view on their profile pages. This mobile application features a unique and user-friendly design suitable for all types of crowdfunding platforms.


Client Requirements

The client requires a mobile application for the Deshi Krishi crowdfunding project, focused on agricultural initiatives. The application should allow the admin to create agricultural projects and accept investments from individuals. To ensure transparency and security, investors should be required to provide their National ID card and personal information when making investments through a bank. The client wants the application to display the number of available projects, investments, and units, as well as provide details about the payment procedures. Additionally, the client wants the application to show project progress, and status updates, and enable the admin to send return on investment updates to investors. The client emphasizes the need for a unique and user-friendly design suitable for all types of crowdfunding platforms.


Key features

Project Creation

Provide the admin with the ability to create agricultural projects, specifying details such as project description, funding goal, and duration.

Investment Acceptance

Allow individuals to invest in projects by providing their National ID card and personal information through a bank.

Availability Tracking

Display the number of available projects, investments, and units to keep users informed about current opportunities.

Payment Procedures

Clearly outline the payment procedures for investors, including information on how to transfer funds securely.

Project Progress and Status

Show real-time updates on project progress, allowing investors to track the development and success of each initiative.

Return on Investment Updates

Enable the admin to send regular updates on the return on investment to investors, providing transparency and accountability.

Investor Profile Pages

Provide each investor with a profile page where they can view their investments, project updates, and other relevant information.

User-Friendly Design

Create an intuitive and visually appealing interface that is easy to navigate and suitable for different types of crowdfunding projects.

How we build it?

To build the Deshi Krishi crowdfunding mobile application, the following steps were taken:

  1. Design Phase:

  • Conduct discussions with the client to gather detailed requirements and understand their vision.

  • Create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the user interface and user experience.

  • Iterate and refine the designs based on client feedback and usability testing.

  1. Development Phase:

  • Set up the backend infrastructure for user registration, project creation, and investment management.

  • Implement secure authentication and data storage mechanisms to protect user information.

  • Develop front-end components for project listing, investment submission, and investor profile pages.

  • Integrate with a reliable payment gateway to facilitate secure transactions.

  • Implement real-time updates for project progress and return on investment information.

  1. Testing Phase:

  • Perform rigorous testing to ensure the application functions correctly and meets client requirements.

  • Conduct usability testing to identify any user experience issues and make necessary improvements.

  • Test the security measures to safeguard user data and financial transactions.

  1. Deployment and Maintenance:

  • Deploy the mobile application on the desired platforms (Android) and app stores.

  • Monitor the application's performance, addressing any bugs or issues that arise.

  • Regularly update the application with new features and security patches to enhance its functionality and maintain a positive user experience.