Software Solutions

Get your business a perfect software built by our super qualified team. Manage things better than your competitor.

20% of your business time are wasted due to manual processes. Get used to develop you a custom software. Spend your time wisely on more impactful business works.

We have expertise at latest cutting edge web technologies to build any challenging web applications/software/ERP.

Get your custom software solutions stack built by Qtec Solution Limited.

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Mobile Applications Development

People spend a lot of their time in mobile phones. It's high time for your business to be in customer's phone.

We are developing mobile applications in Hot/newer technologies and like Kotlin/Flutter. Qtec Solution Limited is able to provide any kind of mobile application solutions for your business.

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Analytical Solutions

The world is currently using the power of data. It's the new oil for us! Are you falling behind for not using your busiess data properly?

We are here to help you with that. Having in house data and analytical team is super expensive. we Qtec data team, with experience will do it for you. You need to sit back, relax and take action accordingly from the information we provide from analyzing data.

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Machine Learning Solutions

Machine Leaning/ML technologies can easily learn from given data and analyze related patterns to hit the targeted audience. Using ML algorithms, the users can analyze customer behavior patterns and segment the targeted audience, etc.

The advanced ML technology handles more data, processes securely, and gives accurate insights and predictions.

The gold mine of your business if your data! We can help you to use those data to make more business plans/conversions/recommendations/solutions! Excited?

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UI/UX Design

Having perfect UI with perfect UX doesn't always happen. You need super excellent team for that. Haring an 'X-Factored-Team' is not always easy. That's why we are here with UI/UX as service and solution, the best in business within budget. Have a creative idea?

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Thing about expanding your business with newest technologies and leverage the best? We are here to help with consultancy.

You have an idea, plan, vision? Not sure about which technology will work better fort that?

Your development team is often on stack with difficult problems? Spending a lot of time with less results?

How about your business need a tech solution and you are not so sure about how to make a super cool team!

If you are experiencing one of those or other technological problems, we are on the same page!

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Software Quality Assurnce

The Qtec Solution Limited provides a variety of Software Quality Assurence(SQA) Service for the clients.

Often, tests like automated testing, load testing, TPS testing, Performence Testing, Capability Testing, Service Testing Content Testing, Design Testing, Usibility Testing and wide range of testing are offered in this service.

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Few of Projects We Built

15+ Products development completed. 99% Customers are happy with our service and after sales services!

Welcome to Qtec

Software Development Company

After years of experience in Software development industry, we decided to create values by offering development services to the people we care.

With us, our customers are always winners and relationship with customer is our achievement at the end of the day. We build what our customers dream.

Due to long industry experience we can offer services at budget and that makes our customers winner with us. It's always win-win situation we work and deal.

The perfect product is our promise to you. We back our integrity and hard work to deliver on time. You are never late with Us.

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About Us

The Amazing team

Team that starves to deliver you the world class products.

Taslima Akhtar


Mosharrof Rubel

Managing Director

Aninda Halder

Head of Engineering

Yeasin Mahmud

Lead, Web Frontend

Likhon Uz Zaman

SQA Engineer

Yousuf Ali

Mobile App Dev.

Imam Hossain Roni

Software Engineer

Ariful Islam

Software Engineer

Md. Nasimuzzaman

Software Engineer

Sayed Uddin

Business Dev. Manager

Hasibul Hasan

Software Engineer

Promila Ghosh

Content Developer

Nabil A. Emon

UI/UX Designer

Abdur Rahman

Software Engineer

Ishtiak Tushar

Frontend Developer

Shoumitro Ray

Software Engineer

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Our Blog

Blog is where, we normally write about what we are doing and what we did so far.

2018 Dec

Extracting Information from Data

Someone said, ‘Look at data like you’re looking at your Girlfriend’. Yeah, to get information from a data set, you need to look at it in a different way!

2018 Dec

Five data driven features we built at AjkerDeal App

Here at , we always wanted to keep things simple aligning with the expectation of customers. In any business, It’s important to have your basics right and straight.

2017 Sept

Develop Messenger Chatbot using Claudia.js , AWS & Node.js

Hi there! It’s me Mosharrof Rubel. Recently I’ve worked my very own Messenger Chatbot for my Page Mastering Java. It’s a Page of my Book..


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